About Us

Who Are We

AMEPOS is a cloud-based Point Of Sale software designed exclusively to serve Retails and restaurants. The idea behind creation of AMEPOS was to simplify the workflow by optimizing time spent in each department. The Cloud-based ecosystem helps you to access real time data of stocks, customers, purchase, sales etc. AMEPOS is already serving clients globally and help them deliver better customer experience and scale their business.

After thorough research and development, we narrowed down to the motto of Contactless engagements with customers. Hence, our products are designed with prospects connecting the future. We are the pioneer in creating an alternate payment system in POS software. The cloud-based POS system enables you to run your business from anywhere.


Our Vision

AMEPOS provides a cost-effective and high-quality point of sale software service that is updated with latest technology in the industry. Analysing the needs of restaurants and retails with empirical data, we provide tailor-made applications for each nodal point in the business. We have developed integrated applications for servers in a restaurant, Kitchen chef, delivery boy, cashier and the customers.

We also make tailor-made ecommerce sites and applications for single vendor and multi-vendor for retails and restaurants to run their business online.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in providing the Point Of Sale solutions to retails and restaurants globally. We empower our clients to have a strong customer base and help them deliver excellent value and service support. We improvise ourselves by listening to feedbacks of our clients to serve them with the best of industry standards.